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X86 Server

NF Rack Server


Inspur Yingxin rack servers are designed in full consideration of density, performance, efficacy and scalability and therefore an ideal choice for enterprise-level data center. It has rich models and highly flexible configurations and can satisfy different needs for processing capacity and storage capacity.

NX Blade Server


Inspur blade server is a modular architecture customized for the data center of large-size enterprises and the large-scale high-performance computing cluster. Its compact casing is integrated with server, network and storage equipment and the user can manage all equipment resources in the same interface via the centralized management system.

Ruijie Server Set V5.0


Inspur Ruijie server set comprises three parts: system smart installation software, server administration software and backup recovery software which are customized to enhance the performances and operational intelligence of Inspur servers.

NP Tower Server


Inspur Yingxin tower server is designed to satisfy SME and subsidiary needs. they have server-level designs and parts in a real sense which can guarantee stable operations. The typical tower profile is easily designed and installed with a low noise and therefore is very applicable for the office environment.

Storage Server


Inspur storage server focuses on intensive storage and high-density computation. It is tailor-made to customer needs with a simple architecture and applicable for multimodal businesses of large-scale websites, value-added telecommunication services and data center.

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